About Us

ACA Research

We know how to tap into the nuances of your market to help you differentiate and ultimately succeed. We have a pragmatic approach to project work, designing and delivering research to get you what you don’t know, rather than what you do.

In depth knowledge of the following:

  • Macro and micro social and economic factors influencing consumers attitudes and demand for new vehicles
  • How improved quality and reliability is influencing the total cost of ownership, life of the vehicle and the frequency of servicing and maintenance
  • The impact and demand of technological innovation for in-car entertainment, connectivity and safety
  • The impact of media fragmentation on the customer journey
  • The demand for small and medium SUVs and UTEs to cater for commercial and recreational needs
  • How emission regulations are impacting buyer choice in the road freight industry
  • The impact of fleet managers driving down costs through fleet consolidation programs